7 Best Things to Do in Vaughan

Vaughan is a suburb of Toronto, Canada. The suburb is located north of Canada’s largest city, but most people regard it as a city in its own right. The city was founded in 1792, but it started experiencing massive growth from 1991.

Since 1991, the city has become a dynamic melting pot with a shifting culture. As a result, it is now home to some of the most entertaining features in Canada. If you visit the city, these are some of the best things you can do there.

Ride Rollercoasters

The Wonderland attraction attracts the most visitors. This is a 133-acre amusement park rated as the largest amusement park in Canada. It is divided into 6 spots, each with its own water park. The water parks are a favorite of kids.

The most entertaining feature in wonderland is the 15 roller coasters. Some are short and go a few meters high, but the Leviathan roller coaster has a maximum height of 93 meters. It is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada.

There are more than 150 attractions in wonderland. Other amusements include games and shows.

Go Shopping

Vaughan Mills is one of the largest malls in Canada. Every year, more than 13 million shoppers go to this shopping mall to buy items. The mall has about 200 retail stores, 35 restaurants, and at least 120 thousand square meters of space. The restaurants may even give you a few tips about how to cook authentic pizza at home.

If you don’t fancy massive malls, there are smaller malls in the city, such as the Colossus Centre and the 400 Power Centre. They sell many items for even faster cooking.

It’s LEGO Time

The Legoland Discovery Center Toronto is a must-visit destination in the city. The chain is located next to Vaughan Mills and has more than 14 attractions. Some of the things you will enjoy at the Discovery Center include a play zone, a Lego store, and a 3D cinema. Your kids will also be thrilled with the attractions at the Lego factory. The Lego factory teaches kids how to be ninjas or play Merlin.

Once you have enjoyed all the Discovery Center excitement, you can head over to the cafe within the center and have a delicious meal. Later, you can visit a mini Toronto, constructed from more than 1 million LEGO blocks. The smaller Toronto model illustrates all the city’s major landmarks as well as roads and highways.

Go to An Art Gallery

The McMichael Canadian art collection is a popular destination in the city. People who are amused by the popular Group of Seven will find the art collection particularly interesting. The art collection has a wide range of paintings by Tom Thompson and other local artists.

This is a small art gallery surrounded by 40 acres of tall trees. Outside the art gallery, there’s a sculpture of Tom Thomson shack and the final resting place of the Group of Seven members.

Once you have enjoyed all that is inside the gallery, you can take a stroll along the trails within the forest. These roads will take you to scenic areas covered with oak, maple, and pine.

Make Friends with Reptiles

The Reptilia Centre is home to reptiles from all over the world. In fact, it is the largest reptile zoo in Canada, with an estimated land area of 1400 square meters. Since its founding, it has increased its reptiles inventory, which currently numbers more than 250 animals. There are also a few amphibians and arachnids.

The most revered reptile at the zoo is the induna, which is a 4.3 m long crocodile. This extremely long crocodile is the country’s largest reptile. It weighs at least 1000 pounds. Reptilia is one of the few places you can view it.

Other noteworthy attractions at the zoo include a 5 m long king cobra, a python, and an alligator that weighs more than 300 pounds. The best time to view all these reptiles is during the wedding time. Moreover, the zoo has scheduled four feeding periods each day, where the massive reptiles are fed with small animals and sometimes snakes.

See Conservation Efforts

The Kortright Centre for Conservation is located in the center of the city. It is a 325-acre conservation forest with maple and pine trees. You can access it from McKenzie drive or Luther Ford road.

The most popular attraction at this center is horse riding, which takes you through the center’s northern area. Besides, the center has at least 25 conservation programs open to visitors.

Thousands of visitors flock to the area annually. The visitors are keen to take part in hiking, bird-watching, and horseback riding. Families will also enjoy sustainability programs and several fun events for children. In recent years, the center has introduced more features, such as birthday parties, weddings, and corporate private events.

Learn the Rich History of Ontario

Many exceptional people have contributed to the history of Ontario. You can learn who these people were and what they did at the Black Creek Pioneer Village. The Pioneer Village is an open-air museum that shows people how it felt to live in early 19th-century Ontario. The staff at the museum dresses in clothing from the 19th century and tries to recreate everyday tasks. All in all, there is a church, a general store, a mill, a schoolhouse, and a blacksmith.

Final Thoughts The city of Vaughan is a testament to the Ontario spirit. It has some of the most impressive attractions in Canada and North America. If you ever find time to visit the city, the attractions we have listed above should be the starting point.