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Our Renaissance Man

Richard Coates was a man of many talents. While we know very little of his education, his life speaks to great diversity. He was the bandmaster in the Battle of Waterloo, he built 3 organs, some of the earliest surviving in Canada, and he painted beautiful banners, like “Peace” and “Plenty” that hang in the Temple today. Coates was a musician, an inventor, a painter, and an astronomer; a man of eclectic talents that we now call “Our Renaissance Man”.

Our Natural World

There was a time when everything a person owned would be made from things you find in nature. Come examine a collection of interesting everyday objects made out of natural materials. Be inspired by your natural world; what would you make from these objects?

Spring Workshops

Kingcrafts holds a number of very reasonably priced workshops from fine art to pottery to needlework) throughout the year. Please visit our website: for more info .

The Ontario Naturalist Certification

Learn a vast array of naturalist skills from experts in the field. This ten session course provides hands-on learning opportunities for budding and experienced naturalists. In this course you will learn; species identification, ecological significance, biology, memory aids, and threats to local flora and fauna. This new found knowledge will help you experience the natural world in a whole new way.

An ‘Ontario Naturalist Level I’ certificate will be issued when all course modules are completed.

Course dates and times have been determined based on the best season and time of day for viewing wildlife in the field and speaker availability.

A hands-on workshop featuring live reptiles from around the province! Learn how to identify and conserve Ontario’s snakes, turtles, and lizard from Jeff Hathaway of Scales Nature Park. Learn threats and conservation issues key identification features, distribution, handling techniques, and much more! Participants will have the opportunity to handle various live species.

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